The photography team has been the choice of clients that only expect the best for over 20 years. Our network of highly qualified photographers consistently deliver images that exceed our competition.

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Andre’s path to becoming a highly respected photographer began in 1987 after breaking records for the number of awards presented to him in his first ever national photo competition. Since then his awards and accolades have continued on an international level. His passion for photography started as a young man when he gained the nickname ‘shutterbug’ because of his desire to capture the beautiful landscapes of his native land, Jamaica. Over the years his photography talents continued to develop as he expanded into concert and fashion photography. Today, he practices an impressive flexibility for many styles of photography. His talent with a camera continues to open many doors. His images frequently appear in local and international newspapers, magazines, websites and novels, most recent being Penguin Publishers, Jamaica Tourist Guide.

Veidwattie is a professional photographer working out of Montego Bay, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. After completing her education in the field of photography she began her career as a Fashion, Beauty, and Modeling photographer. Due to her close ties to the fashion and modeling industries, she popularity is rapidly developing. Using her creative and artistic talents combined with her technical expertise, Veidwattie combines style and ingenuity, to developed and created a new and unique way of photography.
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